Solar Control Glass


Solar control for all requirements

The quality of a solar control glass is determined by its technical and optical properties. arcon provides suitable products for the requirements of all seasons:

  • High light transmittance for optimum employment of daylight on dull autumn days
  • Low total energy transmittance to prevent excessive heating in the summer months
  • High thermal insulation to prevent excessive heat losses in winter
  • High degree of colour neutrality to experience the natural environment

The most modern coating  technology

The production of the sunbelt solar control coatings is carried out by the high-performance cathode sputtering process in vacuum. Noble gas ions are accelerated and „fired” at noble metal targets. The dislodged atoms condense as a layer of material on the glass. The individual layers are applied atom by atom in this way. The highest quality of sunbelt coatings consists of up to 15 individual layers.

sunbelt solar control coatings can be applied to nearly all architectural glass types up to a thickness of 15 mm: Float glass, tempered safety glass, printed tempered safety glass, enamelled tempered safety glass, alarm tempered safety glass, heat strengthened glass, laminated safety glass and several ornaments, all clear or dyed in the smelt. sunbelt solar control coatings must always be employed in insulating glass.


Technical Information

Technical specification for arcon-coatings

Guidelines for processing arcon soft coatings

Guidelines for processing heat treatable coatings

Guideline for assessing the visual quality of enamelled and screen-printed glass

Important Information about CPR

Declaration of Performance arcon coatings complete 

Declaration of Performance arcon-dur fixed-sizes

Guidelines for suppliers – Requirements for fixed-sizes


Product data sheets

Solar control coatings

sunbelt A70, sunbelt A70 HT

sunbelt A60, sunbelt A60 HT

sunbelt A50, sunbelt A50 HT

sunbelt A40, sunbelt A40 HT

sunbelt D50 oHT

sunbelt platin

sunbelt silber

sunbelt gold


Low-e coatings

Low-e Coating N34, N34 HT

Low-e Coating N10


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