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The first choice in pharmaceutical packaging: FIOLAX® glass tubing

When it comes to primary packaging for medicines, pharmacists have relied on FIOLAX® pharmaceutical containers for over 100 years. Otto Schott developed this Type I glass in 1911. With it, the company founder supplied a special-purpose glass for stringent pharmaceutical industry demands and created consistently secure packaging for all pharmaceutical products on the market. Thanks to its high hydrolytic resistance, FIOLAX® glass tubing preserves the efficacy of medicine and reduces the risk of interaction with packaging to a minimum. As a Type I glass (Type I Class B, as per ASTM E438 standard) it meets all pharmacopeia requirements in Europe, the USA and Japan. FIOLAX® amber moreover further provides effective protection for light-sensitive pharmaceutical products.


Premium glass for all pharmaceutical packaging

With its low alkali, FIOLAX® is a premium glass in the first hydrolytic-resistance class. The special glass tubes can be processed into all pharmaceutical containers, such as syringes, flasks, ampoules and cartridges. Packaging manufacturers and pharmacists stand to gain from a slew of benefits:

  • Glass properties: very high chemical resistance, neutrality, leak-tightness and stability
  • FIOLAX® amber: Effective protection for medicine against UV-radiation and short-wave visible light
  • Optional glass-tube coating for protection against scratches
  • Application-specific cutting of tube ends
  • Protection from contamination during transport and processing into flasks and ampoules (DENSOCAN® process)

Packaging protection for transport and storage (DENSOPACK®)


High quality manufacturing

An optoelectric measuring system monitors production of every single glass tube along the entire process chain. This singles out deviations in defined tolerances and ensures that only flawless products are supplied. Their high dimensional quality allows our customers to produce highly precise primary packaging, especially for delicate component parts such as syringe tip caps.

Moreover, all Business Segment Tubing sites have also been ISO 9001:2008 certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15378:2011 (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice).


FIOLAX Academy : Customers, pharmaceutical companies and interested parties benefit from a special training program: the FIOLAX Academy. In six training modules, the FIOLAX Academy imparts knowledge and know-how on glass for pharmaceutical packaging and its influence on the pharmaceutical value chain, from basic knowledge on tubing glass to interaction between packaging and medicine. Participants can compile learning blocks for their special needs.



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